Our Team

Buck O’Neill

Founder/Owner, LEED GA, CGBP

Buck founded his company in 2004 with extensive experience in construction management, a passion for executing great architecture and design, and natural business acumen.

His drive to achieve the highest quality is instilled in the company’s culture. He chooses his staff with care, selecting individuals to shepherd clients’ projects with deep industry experience and knowledge.

Buck has been a builder since 1995—prior to founding Buck O’Neill Builders he oversaw the construction of sophisticated, high-end residences and boutique commercial projects as a site superintendent and project manager for premier builders in San Francisco.

Team Leadership

Our team leadership is highly experienced and conscientious. Each individual’s personal work ethic plays an integral role in the collective goal of the company. The company consists of career-oriented individuals who love their work and strive for their personal and professional best. Emphasis is placed on all employees working together - efficiently, courteously and safely. Our leading people are Certified Green Builders through Build It Green and we encourage continuing education in sustainable building practices.

Joe Carpenter


Joe has over 30 years experience building custom homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has an excellent ability for troubleshooting and introducing concepts outside the box. These skills are complimented by his experience as a talented draftsperson. He jumps right into all phases of the project with a proactive approach to “get it done.”

Don Budetti


Don has 14 years experience in remodeling homes in the Bay Area. His expertise comes from working for a premier builder in San Francisco. His emphasis is on modern design construction, but is well versed in Victorian and traditional craftsmanship. He has an excellent eye for detail due to his passion and knowledge of photography.

Dan Dereszynski

Leed Green Associate

Dan brings over 40 years of building expertise to every project he is involved in. His years of working in the trades have gained him much respect in the local building industry, primarily influenced by his extensive background in solar panel technology. He thrives in a working atmosphere that insists upon continual pursuit of increased skill and efficiency levels.

Noel Thomas


Noel’s incredible skill and finesse at intricate woodwork has made him an integral part of the company. He has been using his skills to build fine homes in the Bay Area for over 25 years. Noel is gifted as a fine woodworker and uses his great skill and concern to produce unsurpassable carpentry into all of our projects.

Mike Briganti


Mike brings over 38 years' building experience and influence from his Bay Area upbringing to his specialization in finish carpentry and Victorian restoration, yet he is by no means limited to that. He has a great understanding of how personal the building process is and always strives to equate cost, design and time frame into a home the client will love. The heart of his craftsmanship will always lie in San Francisco.